Northwest Fire and EMS Association

Northwest Fire & Ambulance District

New Paris, Ohio

The Northwest Fire and EMS association has been operating for years prior to the District being formed. Charged with fundraising for vital equipment purchases, maintenance and upkeep on apparatus, and assisting with community events, the association has provided many benefits to the community. Like the District, our association is strickly not-for-profit. We simply receive donations for services, and in turn use the funding to provide better care for our community. Several fundraising tools we are known for around the area for are:

Annual Chicken Barbeque- For many years this tradition was held on Labor day. Throughout the years sales have boomed as people from our area flocked to eat the pit cooked, secret recipe chicken. In 2015 this annual event was moved to the local Applefestival held by New Paris Chamber of Commerce. The date change was successful and the support of the community was not hindered. Overall consensus shows that no matter what day we choose to continue on with this tradition that our patrons, and community supporters will still be there for us. We will continue to hold this meal on the Saturday of the Applefest.

Fire Prevention Week- The Association for years has purchased learning tools to educate our youth to the dangers of Fire. Every year during fire prevention week our department along with Eldorado, and West Machester head to the school for one day to present our young kindergartner class with educational papers, fun stickers, helmets and more. We provide tours of our Ambulance and Fire engine, and don our turnout gear giving them the opportunity to see what we look like in an emergency. This event has always been a fun experience for our members and the children alike.

Portrait Fundraiser- In recent years we have partnered with photography companies to provide Spring or fall pictures for the community families. For a small donation, area residents are provided with an 8"10" portrait taken right here at our fire station. Packages of these pictures are also available for purchase. This has been our #1 fundraiser for the past few years. We enjoy seeing our community members partake in this as families unite to make lasting memories. Remember... PETS ARE ALLOWED.

100 A Month Club- This is our oldest known fundraiser. Since the 1950s when the department was owned by its membership this fundraiser has supported many purchases. Simply buy a ticket (or several) from a member, sit back wait until our monthly drawing to see if you win, then enjoy your winnings, its that simple. The cost is $1 for 1 monthly drawing, or $10 for 12 monthly drawings. 3 tickets are drawn every month at our business meetings. The more tickets you buy the better your chances of winning. 1st place drawing receives $50, 2nd and 3rd, receive $25.

Donations are always welcome. If you or someone you know would like to donate, simply click here, send us a message and someone will get in touch with you. We appreciate all the support our community members show us. This truly is a small community with a huge heart.