Asst. Chief Simpson began his career here at Northwest in 2001. He received his first officer role in 2006 as Lt. In 2010 he was promoted to Captain and began working part-time for the district. In  August 2015 he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief. Asst. Chief Simpson holds cerifications for: Firefighter Level 1, Advanced EMT, Fire Inspector, Haz-Mat Technician, National Incident Management, and EMS CE Instructor

Captain Tyler Jordan

Captain Sheppard started with the district in the early 90s. She left the department in 2003, and returned in 2009. Prior to leaving the department in 2003 she held the rank of EMS Captain. In 2014 she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and promoted once again in August 2015 to Captain. Captain Sheppard currently holds her EMT Certification.

District Clerk

Cindy Messick

Asst. Chief Brad Simpson

Firefighter Tony Dudley

Firefighter Rick Cummins

EMT Nicole Simpson

Firefighter Ian Brunk

Firefighter Cassie Crane

Firefighter/Paramedic Jaymi Marker

Firefighter/Paramdic Marcus Miller

Firefighter/Inspector Kent Unger

Firefighter/AEMT Carley Brewster

Firefighter Dale Gibbs

Firefighter/EMT Matthias Bowser

Firefighter/EMT Kyle Hunsaker

Firefighter/Paramedic Jessica Hines

Firefighter/EMT Matt Brewster

Firefighter Tim Kendall

Firefighter Austin Adams

Firefighter Dejay Baker

Firefighter/EMT Jeff Hale

Firefighter in Training Devin Cones

Firefighter in Training Alexis Watts

District Board of Trustees

Northwest Fire & Ambulance District

New Paris, Ohio

Current Roster

Chief Cones started his firefighting career at Northwest in 1985. He has served in an officer position for over half of his 31 years of service. He replaced Chief Brian Simpson in August of 2015. Chief Cones holds Certifications in : Volunteer Firefighter, National Incident Management, and Haz-Mat Technician.

Lieutenant Arthur started with the district in Dec. 2006. He left in Aug. of 2008 and returned to active status in Oct. of 2014.  Lt. Arthur currently works on a full time basis providing fire and EMS coverage for our community and others. In Nov. of 2016 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Lieutenant Arthur holds certifications in: Firefighter Level 2 and is a certified Advanced EMT.

Captain Jordan started with the district in 2010. Prior to becoming an official member of the District, Jordan served in a cadet capacity with the department for 3 years gaining knowledge and experience. Captain Jordan has devoted his time and career status to firefighting currently does it on a full time basis. In 2013 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He was promoted to Captain in August 2015. Captain Jordan holds certifications in: Firefighter Level 2, Fire Inspector, National Incident Management, and is a certified EMT.

Lieutenant Marker started with the district in Oct. 2010. Brett is a retired veteran of the United States Army National Guard where he served on several deployments. Lt. Marker currently works on a full time basis providing fire and EMS coverage for our community and others. In Nov. of 2016 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Lieutenant Marker holds certifications in: Firefighter Level 1 and as certified EMT.

Also, our department has 31 Honorary Members.  These are members that served the department for a number of years with great pride and commitment.  These members include Bob Arnett, Steve Arnett, Don Ashcraft, Charlie Bradshaw, Don Brower, Sam Crabtree, Ralph Dungan, Bob Dungan, Jeff Dye, Bob Eales, Don Fosdick, Eddie Haller, Jim Hankins, Sr., Dennis Hoke, Rawland "Pete" Hosenfeld, Jack Juday, Lish King, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Jay McGriff, Aaron Moore, Willie Mullins, Logan Murphy, Eric Petry, Don Reed, Dwight Reigel, Rick Schultz, Wayne Simpson, Mike Suggs, Wayne Wallace, Larry Whalen, and Jack Yount.

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The Northwest District Board constist of 5 Representatives from 2 local municipalities we service, The Village of New Paris, Jefferson Twp. and one at-large from either municipality. Listed below are our current board members and the regions they represent:

Village of New Paris:

Ralph Dungan (Board Vice President)

Darren Kirkpatrick

Jefferson Twp:

Jim McKee


At Large:

Ralph Douglas (Board President)

District Chief Paul Cones

Lieutenant Shaun Arthur

Firefighter Lewis Began his career at Northwest in the late 70s. He has held many officer roles throughout his tenure. He currently holds the title of Senior Firefighter. Firefighter Lewis currently holds certifications in: Firefighter Level 1, Haz-Mat Tech, Fire Inspector, National Incident Management, and is an Emergency Medical Responder.

Fire Inspector Rick Lewis

Lieutenant Brett Marker

Captain Donna Sheppard