Northwest Fire & Ambulance District

New Paris, Ohio

Other Additions Include:

In 2004 the department added a new rescue engine to the fleet replacing a 1965 tanker. The new engine carries 6 personnel, 1000 gallons of water, rescue tools, and has 1,250 gpm pump. It came equipped with roll up doors to function better on the intestate and roadways to prevent damage and safety hazards. Also in 2004 was the purchase of a New Braun Ambulance. Customized for compartment space to carry all of the needed equipment to provide proper ALS and BLS care to our community. In 2011 a new Ford F-350 brush truck was placed in service to replace the 1979 Dodge Powerwagon the department had been using. 2014 Brought to our department a 2014 Braun Ambulance to replace our 1994 back-up unit. The new ambulance was designed off specifications of the 2004 Braun for uniformity. In November of 2015 the department added yet again to the district fleet by purchasing a first responder/command vehicle. The purpose of this vehicle is to supplement when crews are on previous emergencies, respond to investigations as needed, and provide a command center for large scale emergencies. The vehicle is equipped with BLS supplies to provide immediate care, a SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) for firefighters, and several other tools.

 In 2014 our department began staffing a part-time crew Monday through Friday during daytime hours. Since this transition response time to emergencies has been cut in half.

In November of 1993, the department received it’s first new engine purchased in almost 30 years.  A 1994 model Emergency-One International Crew-Cab pumper with a 1,250 gpm pump was placed into service.  This new apparatus greatly increased the department’s ability to protect the community as well as transport it’s firefighters to the scene safely. This engine is still serving the community today.  In April, 2000, a new building addition was completed along with renovations to the current station.  During this construction, three new offices, a meeting/training room, day room, and restrooms with showers were added.Since the late 1970's, the department has held it’s annual fund-raiser.  The Labor Day Chicken Barbeque has been a great success for the department and helps generate needed funds for equipment purchase.  The community has been a great supporter of this annual event and of many of the other fund-raisers the department has held.  We thank our community for their continued support of our department. This event has been since moved to the Applefest.

Since then several thousand dollars have been spent on equipment.  All trucks are radio equipped, all firefighters have bunker coats, bunker pants, helmets, boots and protective gear for severe winter weather.  They are members of the Preble County Firefighters Association, the Darke County Fire Chiefs Association, the Central Western Firemen's Association, and the National Fire Protection Association.

The people of New Paris supported a bond issue for a new pumper in 1966.  This was the first new truck purchased by the town.  The same year the company purchased a new tanker and donated it to the town.  In 1979 they purchased a grass fire truck and a 1970 Ford Cab‑over Howe 1,000 gallon pumper.

The community passed an emergency services levy in 1984, resulting in the combination of the New Paris Fire Company, Inc. and the New Paris‑Jefferson Township Emergency Squad into the Northwest Fire and Ambulance District as of January 1, 1985.

Early in the 1900's, C. W. Bloom and C. M. Wilcox installed a large water pump at the Mirror office, site of the present day library.  A portion of the village was piped to the hydrant at Pearl Street, greatly aiding fire protection in the business area.  In 1929, a fire siren was purchased and placed on top of the old fire bell.

A community fire truck, the old Stutz, was bought by subscription in 1937, and is still owned by the fire company.  In the 1950's, Jefferson Township purchased a truck for township fires.

The fire company was formed March 6, 1955, with 13 members.  The first officers were Frank Kessler, president; Charles Wallace, vice‑president; Bill Sweet, secretary‑treasurer; and Herb Bottoms, chief.  Since no funds were available from the town, firemen paid dues and held money‑making projects to get equipment.  They formed their $100-A-Month Club, which still operates, today.  In 1957, the company purchased and donated to the township a new truck chassis, which was made into a pumper.

The New Paris Fire Company was incorporated in 1958.  Plans were made to erect a city building and firehouse.  Money from the township Sesquicentennial and donations by local citizens made this plan possible.  The cement block building is located on the east side of North Washington Street.  The company moved into its new quarters in May, 1959, and felt great pride in their accomplishments.  In 1962, a clock was placed on the front of the building in memory of Mary Melody.

No records were kept of the early fire department in New Paris and reorganization occurred many times.  Before 1900, every man in the community served either on the fire or street department.  Those who couldn't take their turn had to pay someone to take their place.

In 1906, the town purchased a new hook and ladder wagon.  On the present site of the Masonic Temple stood a livery barn where the horse was kept which pulled the wagon.  When the old fire bell (now in Emil Coblentz's yard) rang, the horse was harnessed and hurried down the street to the township house where the wagon was kept.  The equipment was ladders and leather buckets.  When firemen reached the scene, a bucket brigade formed from the nearest well.

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Northwest Fire and Ambulance District
New Paris, Ohio